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dr hab. med. Michał Wszoła

Transplant surgeon – inspired by Chopin. The originator of the bionic pancreas. He participated in the first pancreatic islet transplant in Poland, the first pancreatic transplant and the first exchange of kidney pairs between family donors-recipients. He is passionately combining – transplantology and endoscopy.  From mentioned passion germinated  a new method of treating diabetes – endoscopic transplantation of pancreatic islets under the gastric mucosa. In 2013, he performed the first treatment of this type in the world, which is currently used in several centers in the United States of America. On March 14, 2019, together with the team of the Foundation for Research and Development of Science and the Bionic Consortium, he printed the world’s first fully vascularized prototype of a bionic pancreas. Winner of the “Golden Scalpel” plebiscite, nominated for the 2019 and 2020 Ambassador of Polish Science Award and decorated with the Bronze and Gold Cross of Merit of the President of the Republic of Poland.



The Foundation for Research and Science Development would like to invite you to an exhibition of artistic microscopic images taken in the laboratory of the Foundation of Research and Science Development during the development of a 3D bioprinting pancreas, an innovative therapy that will revolutionise the treatment of diabetes. The exhibition is set under the patronage of #LikeChopin campaign.

Unique photographs that combine science and art are a piece of a story. A story about creative people with passion who discover “blank spots” on the map of science and, thanks to their knowledge and determination, look for innovative solutions that can save the health and lives of millions of patients around the world. The paintings presented at the exhibition will be the subject of the second charity auction, the proceeds from which will be donated to the construction of the European Centre of Medical Biotechnology. The multidisciplinary Centre will enable not only the continuation of research on the bionic pancreas but also the development of other pioneering medical therapies. A direct combination of the worlds of science and medicine in one place will enable more effective implementation
of the latest advances into clinical practice.

The exhibition is now available to be seen in Warsaw’s Łazienki Królewskie.



Radek Wośko

Radek Wośko – inspired by Chopin, after graduating from the Pomeranian Medical University, left Szczecin and went to Denmark to devote all his energy to music. During his studies, he received a one-year scholarship to go to New York, and then to West Africa, to explore the roots of contemporary jazz music. In 2014 he settled in Copenhagen, where he successfully joined the local music community. Radek has collaborated with many artists, also from outside the jazz community. He has recorded albums as a leader or co-leader of various bands. His works received excellent reviews in Poland, Denmark, UK and New York. He is the initiator of the Tomasz Stańko Experience project with the participation of 10 musicians from 5 countries, including the late Tomasz Stańko. Together with Entrails United, he won the Grand Prix at the 49th Jazz on the Odra Festival in Wrocław. He is set to interpret Chopin’s music in tunes of jazz.


Mysterious Chopin Tea

“Mysterious Chopin” earl gray’s recipe is inspired by a brilliant composer journey to The United Kingdom. This is exquisitely, luxurious black composition tea with the modicum of the highest quality strawberries, apples and amber. A daring combination of the noble British tradition combined with the wealth of Polish orchards enchants connoisseurs concurrent with delicately refined flavors and captivating aromas. A fruity elixir which exudes the secret spell of Chopin’s nocturne. This unique blend enchants senses by making an ambience of individual meeting with a masterpiece.