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It was May 15th 1848 when Chopin gave his magnificent performance at Stafford – currently Lancaster – House for the Duchess of Sutherland in front of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 

This was a moment which impressed the composer immensely. He described it precisely in his letters to dear friends and family members. 

“The Queen…talked with me twice. Prince Albert, an enthusiastic amateur musician and composer, came up to the piano. Everyone told me that both these things are rare”.

In Europe’s history May 15th was a memorable day. As Chopin played for the Queen at Sutherland House the winds and forces of revolution stormed the Assemblée Nationale in Paris, people having spoken the revolutionary words of liberty – calling France to declare war on Russia  and Prussia to free Poland from the chains of its oppressors. 

Under Chopin’s artistic auspices Polish Culture was flourishing, reminding the world about the Polish Nation, Chopin’s motherland.