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The reception of Chopin’s performance did not surprise anyone. People were charmed by the Polish pianist. 

The press and critics were generous in delineating Chopin’s art. 

The Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser on 30 August praised Chopin’s “chasteness and purity of style and his delicate sensibility of expression”. Editors made the observation that The Gentlemen’s Concert Hall “was filled to overflowing by a most brilliant audience.”

The Manchester Guardian noted “The concert was the most brilliant and interesting which the directors have given during the season; and there was a larger audience than we remember to have seen here.”

The Musical World argued “Chopin is assuredly a great pianist, and no one can hear him without receiving some amount of delectation.”

The Manchester Examiner remarked that “It is true he plays very difficult music (provoking one almost to say with Dr Johnson, “would that it were impossible!”) with beautiful delicacy and precision of finger…”.

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