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Not for nothing The Chopin Monument is placed in the centre of Manchester.

Thanks to the combined effort of British admirers of Chopin’s music, fans of highbrow culture and Polish Community members, this is one of the largest Chopin monument in the world (except that one in Warsaw, of course!) This unique sculpture stands at 2.5 metres tall and 2.1 metres wide. The vision of the sculptor Robert Sobociński was inspired by Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude in C minor. The monument envisages Fryderyk Chopin playing one of the earliest models of the piano whilst gazing across the keyboard at his Muse. Whether it be George Sand, Delfina Potocka or Jane Sterling, or perhaps Jane Lind, the viewer is left to come to a decision of his own. After all, Mysterious Chopin. 

The Muse reclines on her stylized chaise which, when viewed from the back, becomes the powerful wing of an eagle in flight. The eagle’s other wing sweeps up to form the open piano lid, transformed into a battle scene with soldiers, representing the 1830 uprising and symbolizing the Polish fight for freedom. The eagle is, of course, the National Symbol of Poland. 

This magnificent monument was erected by unrelenting will and through exemplary cooperation between:

Mansel, Bruntwood, Bertram Done, Marshals, Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Anglo-Polish Society Southport and District Branch, D.S.R., Manchester City Council, Life for a Life Memorial Forests, SPK, northern stage services, The John Zochonis Charitable Trust, The John Kennedy Charitable Trust, J&G Steadman, dr M. Stella-Sawicki, Polish RC Church of Divine Mercy Manchester, R&B. Kowalski, Members of the Public.  

We are grateful for all your efforts.