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Ending his famous and dynamic relationship with Geogres Sand in 1847, he was on the verge of deciding to set out for Britain. 

Another woman in Chopin’s life lent a helping hand in making this journey possible.

Who was she? What was her connection with Chopin? Mysterious Chopin, wasn’t he?

Jane Stirling is the pianist known as a pupil and later friend of Fryderyk Chopin. Two of his nocturnes are dedicated to her. Jane took Chopin on a tour of England and Scotland in 1848, and took charge of the disposal of his effects and manuscripts after his death in 1849.

While there is little if any evidence they were lovers, she was often referred to, after Chopin’s death, as “Chopin’s widow”

To make this friendship more intricate, Jane Stirling said that Chopin had told her she was the only one who knew his real birth date. She wrote it down, put it in a box, and this box was apparently placed in Chopin’s grave in the P’re Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Mysterious Chopin indeed!

And yet she was not the only woman in Mysterious Chopin’s life in Britain. 

Who was another mysterious, exquisite lady? Jenny Lind, known as the Swedish Nightingale. Some authors suggest that this acquaintance was the last romance of Chopin, or at least a romantic imagination of a possible romance. Mysterious Chopin in the essence. 

Jenny Lind played one more crucial role in the crucible of Chopin’s UK history. She gave a unique insight into Chopin’ life to #OscarWilde. Thanks to this first-hand knowledge, the famous poet coined these words: “After playing Chopin, I feel as if I had been weeping over sins that I had never committed, and mourning over tragedies that were not my own.”