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Gosia Baczyńska



My entire creative work is tightly connected with my country of origin. Several times together with friends who work in diplomacy we have been talking about the fashion’s role  in establishing positively attractive image of state. Fashion and music as artistic realms play very often on one accord. Therefore, Chopin’s music is of paramount importance to me. Inspires and touches me. For quite some time I have been trying to imagine what Chopin would looked like if he had lived in our world. As it is commonly known he was quite an avant-garde figure for his contemporaries. However, looking at the style changes what was thought as an avant-garde in the past, nowadays is often seen as a canon of style.

Thus, maybe it is worth considering to add a modicum of an extravagancy to the style of diplomats?

In an interesting and discrete touch of creativity embellish the formal attire with something touch avant-garde and highlighting  individuality. Precisely in that way I added a hint of extravagancy to the dress which I designed for Kate Middleton The Duchess of Cambridge which she presented during her visit with Prince William to Poland in 2017.

This virtual exhibition set up by Polish Consulate in Manchester plays an interesting and inspirational role of magnet pole connecting various creative dimensions which present Poland as a country of inspirationally creative innovators. I am glad that I can presented the world of fashion in this unique journey with Chopin.